Easy Summer Car Cleaning Tips

Use these summer car cleaning tips to keep your Cadillac on the road this season

Whether your kiddos are tracking in mud from the soccer field or your shiny black sedan just can’t seem to lose that constant sheen of dust on its paint job, it seems like there’s always something not quite right with your vehicle in the summertime. But have no fear: the car-care experts at Bentley Cadillac have a few foolproof tips for easy summer car cleaning.

Don’t wash your vehicle in the sun.

Yes, it might feel good to get sudsy in the sunshine while you’re cleaning your car this summer, but make sure you find a shady spot to scrub instead. Some soaps can leave unseemly stains and swirls on your paint job when they heat under the sun. Even if you’re cleaning in the shade, be sure to rinse promptly and never leave soap sitting.

Use white vinegar to attack dust on windows.

We all love to drive with our windows down on warm summer days, but that allows for a lot of dust to enter your cabin and stick to your windows, creating an ugly sheen. Use a simple white vinegar and warm water mixture to easily wipe away dust without leaving streaks.

Condition your delicate interior materials.

Direct sunlight and intense heat can do a number on the delicate materials inside your cabin, such as leather and vinyl. Invest in some material-specific conditioners and show your interior a lot of love this summer.

If you want a more professional touch, request full detailing services the next time you bring your vehicle into Bentley Cadillac for service.