Cadillac Celebrates 20th Anniversary of the Escalade

Celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Escalade with the 2019 edition at Bentley CadillacEven with its century-plus-long history, one of Cadillac’s most iconic vehicles is undeniably the Escalade. Ever since its introduction at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in August 1998, it has been the definition of full-size luxury. Now, Cadillac is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Escalade by looking back on its history of innovating.

“Over the past 20 years, the Escalade has prevailed not only as a highly regarded full-size luxury SUV, but also as a cultural icon that is synonymous with style and sophistication,” said Steve Carlisle, Cadillac president. “From the highway to the big screen, the Escalade has been embraced by drivers and fans around the world.”

Two Decades of Dominance

The Escalade has been a dominating force in the luxury SUV segment over the past 20 years. In fact, it has led the segment in sales for 15 of the past 20 years. Since it was redesigned in 2015, consumers have spent nearly $3 billion every year on the Escalade.

One Step Ahead

In its 20-year history, the Escalade has introduced some industry-leading innovations including the first full LED headlamps in 2009, the first full-size SUV to offer Magnetic Ride Control in 2009, and the first front-center airbag in a luxury SUV in 2015.

The upcoming 2019 model offers a 65 percent improvement in horsepower and 52 percent better EPA-estimated highway fuel economy than the original 1999 model. To learn more about the latest Escalade, including when you can expect to test-drive it, stop into Bentley Cadillac.