Visit Alabama’s Natural Wonders in One Road Trip

See all of Alabama's natural wonders in this awesome road trip

Our home state of Alabama is chock-full of outdoor wonders, from jaw-dropping caverns to breathtaking waterfalls. If you’ve been putting off getting out there and experiencing the majesty that is Alabama, now is the time to follow through.

Our road trip begins at the gem of Alabama: Bentley Cadillac in Huntsville. This gleaming dealership puts forth only the finest luxury vehicles, and if you’ve just gotten a brand-new XT5 or Escalade, this road trip is a great way to break it in.

From Bentley Cadillac, head south on US-72 for Cathedral Cavern State Park in Woodville. After you’ve spent an adequate amount of time taking in the park’s gorgeous caverns, clambor back into the Cadillac and head up to Noccalula Falls in Gadsden.

Noccalula Falls, often called the “Niagara Falls of Alabama,” is an awe-inspiring sight to see. If it’s a scorcher, you can cool off in the cool mist from falls—just be sure you bring an extra set of dry clothes for the trip!

Looping back north up AL-35, you’ll be on your way to Little River Canyon Falls Park. If you can make a weekend of this road trip, this is a perfect spot to camp out for the night. Wake up bright and early and head to your final location: Russell Cave National Monument in Bridgeport.

If you complete this road trip, you will have just seen the very best of Alabama’s natural wonders. Just be sure to head back to Bentley Cadillac before you head home to share all of your pictures with us!