Cadillac Convertible “Boat Car”

Joe Fox turned his Cadillac into a convertible boat, and even gives tours around the Florida Keys

Think you’ve seen the pink Cadillac convertible at its best? Captain Joe Fox is here to prove you wrong. His new pink Cadillac convertible is making a splash—literally.

Joe Fox is the captain of his car and his boat. Because his car is his boat. Now, before you get any ideas, Captain Fox’s ride isn’t actually a pink Cadillac convertible. He did, however, work tirelessly to create an exact Cadillac convertible replica in boat form, making it the very first Cadillac convertible “boat car”.

A History Of Innovation

Fox has been building boats since he was 12, so he certainly knew what he was doing in constructing the replica. Called the “Nautilimo” (Nautical + limousine), the “boat car” is constructed to look like a 1977 Cadillac stretch limo, complete with a faux grille, headlights, and wheels.

Cruise In Style

Fox cruises around in his Cadillac for both work and play. He owns a business called Unique Boat Tours, which lives up to its name. The Cadillac “boat car” can seat up to six passengers, who, during the tour, enjoy a stylish ride and the beautiful sights of the Florida Keys.

Captain Fox owns multiple unique boats, including a replica pirate ship. If you’re a car-lover and a Cadillac lover, you’ll probably want to reserve a ride on Captain Joe’s “Nautilimo.” And if you want the best in today’s land-lubbing Cadillacs, be sure to stop into Bentley Cadillac to see what we have to offer.