Cadillac Will Expand Innovative Super Cruise Tech to Entire Lineup

Cadillac is including its Super Cruise technology in all new models starting in 2020It’s official: Cadillac will expand its innovative Super Cruise™ technology to all vehicles beginning in 2020. If you’re looking to buy the smartest, most advanced vehicle out there, a Super Cruise™-equipped Cadillac is a must.

Super Cruise

Super Cruise™ is the world’s first true hands-free driver assistance feature for highway driving. The system uses a state-of-the-art driver attention system, LiDAR map data, highly-precise GPS location services, and an advanced system of camera and radar sensors. With this innovative system, Cadillac owners can drive hands-free on over 130,000 miles of limited access freeways in the United States and Canada. The system will give you extra confidence, peace of mind, and an effortlessly smooth and easy highway driving experience.

More Advancements Coming

This is not the only expansion of innovative tech on Cadillac’s horizon, as the automaker also plans to introduce Cadillac V2X communications in one of its crossovers by 2023 and eventually to its entire lineup. V2V (vehicle-to-vehicle) technology was first introduced in 2017 on the Cadillac CTS Sedan and used Dedicated Short-Range Communications (DSRC) technology to communicate with nearby vehicles and alert you to potential hazards. The new V2X technology expands this communication system to the roadway infrastructure and non-vehicle roadway users to create an advanced, interconnected road experience that will alert you to hazardous road conditions, work zones, slowdowns, and traffic light statuses.

Super Cruise™ is currently offered on the luxurious 2018 Cadillac CT6, which you can test drive at Bentley Cadillac in Huntsville.